PSI has been innovating precision mobile survey solutions since 2005 when we performed the first capture of the aging PCC 405 outside LA for BMW to produce a test track to simulate the unique conditions associated with this cracked and faulted roadway. The precision of PSI’s PPS integrated Mobile Survey bring fine pavement details onto precise Earth coordinates enabling a vast array of analysis and design possibilities. An overview of these activities is available in the following presentation: 2009 Mobile Survey Overview

During the first test of the PPS with Double Side Band (DSB) enhanced range ambiguity, in November 2008, our Mobile Survey capability was employed to measure a construction site near the PSI offices: Trench Site.kmz. An overview of these results is available in white paper: Trench_Survey_2008.pdf.

To quantify the accuracy of our mobile survey and determine if it could provide construction survey grade performance, we performed an extensive mobile survey of the HOV lanes on I15 in San Diego. The results are available in both presentation: 2009 I15 Survey Caltrans Brief and report format:  I15 Mobile Survey Project  2009. These results proved that we are able to provide centimeter accuracy at highway speeds.

LAS data for the trench test, I15 project and other projects are available in LAS format for download anytime from an online disk. Click on this link and then open Sample Survey Data and any folder of interest. To download click on a file and then click on the down arrow to the right. Note that to accommodate the PPS precision, the position data in the LAS files has millimeter resolution. The following albums show point cloud displays of some recent projects: